Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The dreaded question. “Want to come out to dinner with us?”  

It’s hard to give an answer to this, Ed is saying you can’t and your anxiety is soaring. But your family is pushing you to go. What do you do?

First off, don’t force yourself if you’re not ready. This is a huge step and if you’d rather stick to a meal plan than take a day off, you might need to do just that. But don’t make this an activity you can never do. Going out for supper is great exposure and shows how strong you are. If you’re not ready to go out to dinner right now, make it a goal of yours in the near future. 

One thing I’ve noticed about going out to dinner is that it can be scary. Going somewhere you don’t know how something was made, what’s in it or how many calories the dish is. 

We have to get out of the mindset that calories control our diet and life. Instead, we need to focus on getting all the food groups and eating a proper amount of nutrition, as per what the doctor says.

Calories are another set of numbers that shouldn’t matter. You should just be paying attention to if you’re eating enough or too little. But your body may not be able to tell you that, so go to a doctor and dietician to get a proper meal plan. 

Don’t deprive yourself of social interaction and new experiences just because you think Ed won’t let you. This is your life and you can do these things once again. 

Live free and be happy. 


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