Building Mastery

What? Building mastery? Huh?

No, it’s not becoming the master. Well, it kinda is. In its own way. 

Building mastery is when you do little things each day to make you feel like you’re accomplishing something. It could be as easy as hanging up your coat or as complicated as painting a picture. It’s doing something to show yourself you’re competent and fully capable of doing tasks. 

Why do we do this?

Why not? It’s good to prove you know what you’re doing and say “hey [insert unbeliever here, for me, it’s ed] I can do this. In your face”. And you know what, it feels incredible. 

You can accomplish something without your illness holding you back. It is not you and you are not it. You can do basically anything you set out to do. I believe in you all. 

So why did I talk about this today? I did some major building of mastery today!! 

See that cat up there? That’s Cheshie, my Cheshire Cat. I sewed him!! Just by basic instructions that didn’t teach me to see. I taught myself. It took me a few hours to make it, but the sense of accomplishment was more than I could ever imagine. It’s worth all the trouble and struggle, trust me. 

So go out and do something challenging today. I dare you. 


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